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Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant Combination boilers

Vaillant Combination Boilers are not only eco tec but they are also boilers which are not only highly efficient but they are SED Buk Band A – rated at the same time. Since the vaillant's 'Aquacomfort' system is eco tec plus combination boilers it can instantly provide gallons of hot water at a constantly suitable temperature.


Key features

It is compact in size and it’s also available in a series of stylish and contemporary designs.

  • • The added benefit of ‘Aqua comfort’ system not only guarantees high performance but also ensures that there is a warmstart facility which constantly produces instant hot water.
  • • The flow sensor provides a wide range of operations which automatically makes sure there is a constant supply of hot water.
  • • As the components are stainless steel it offers nothing less than top quality teamed up with reliability and quiet operation.
  • • There are varies control options some of which include:

- A wireless Vaillant VRT360f thermostat.

- Both Vaillant plug in mechanical timer and hardwired VT50 room thermostat.

- British Gas wireless programmable room thermostat.


Worcester Boilers

Conventional boilers

Worcester Boilers are convectional boilers which are energy saving gas fired thus instantly and advantageously reducing costs on both heating and hot water bills.They are also A rated cutting heating costs to an average of 30 % and these boilers come equipped with a full set of heating controls.


Key features

  • • Part L Building regulations compliant with a SEDBUK A-rating.
  • • Convenient dimensions which are easily fittableanywhere.
  • • Modulating burner control.
  • • Easy to use heating control provided with status display lights that can also be used as a fault diagnostic display.
  • • Built in frost protection.
  • • In attractive style casing.


Potterton boilers

Conventional boilers

Potterton Promax He Plus is the perfect boiler as it immediately adapts itself to meet the home heating as well as hot water needs of any home. More importantly the simple heating solution accommodates to the size of your home,these light weight compact and easy to install boilers can squeeze even into the smallest of spaces.

Key features

  • They are light weight and have compact dimensions.
  • It is extremely practically designed that it occupies itself even in the smallest of spaces which can even include a standard 300 mm deep kitchen wall unit.
  • These boilers are wall mounted hence making fixing easier.
  • Installation time is saved as there is no compartment ventilation required.


Combination boilers

The Potterton Promax Combi HE Plus boiler is not only compact and light weight thereby automatically making it easily installable and useable but its exceptional flow rates ensures it reaches out to any level of water pressure. The advantage that all these boilers are A rated make them economical to run.

Key features

  • High efficiency condensing combination boiler.
  • It is Part L compliant, SEDBUK A-rated.
  • The boilers have various case designs and are equipped with concealed controls.
  • They feature fully adjustable user controls which serves as a dual purpose as it can be used for both hot water and heating requirements.
  • Built in frost protection.
  • The flue system has a number of management options.


Other manufacturers

All other brands are available on request.

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