How much does a boiler cost?

Home Solutions gives a guaranteed quote for the mere reason that all homes are different. Your guaranteed quote will be provided only after we visit your home to access your heating and hot water needs.

How we work out the cost of your new boiler

Various crucial factors have to be borne in mind in order to ensure that an accurate boiler cost is given. Some basic factors to bear in mind are:

  • Which is the best boiler for your home and your needs?
  • Whether your gas supply needs upgrading?
  • Is it necessary to move the boiler?
  • Does any building or electrical work need to be done?
  • Would you like any new radiators?

How do I pay for a new boiler?

Investing in a new boiler will definitely require tremendous expense and certainly at least appropriate timings. Our company’s role can rescue you from such situations as we suggest numerous amounts of payment options suiting each individuals needs as well as accepting all major debit and credit cards except American Express.


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