Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is mandatory in your home whether you are buying, renting or selling your property or merely installing a Solar PV System. An EPC check guides you on making your home energy efficient thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions. With the help of an EPC check you will get to know exactly what the efficiency rating is and what the CO2 emissions of the building are. With the help of an EPC Check advice is provided as to how you can reduce cost savings to your home through future energy efficiency methods. An EPC has a ten year validity. A requirement for Solar PV Installations since 1st April 2012.

As part of our service:


  • Our Domestic Energy Assessors are qualified to inspect any property to assess it for efficiency, to issue certificates and to advise on any improvements — such as fitting loft insulation, double glazing or boiler replacement. As you can see from an Energy Efficiency Rating chart, grades are awarded ranging from ‘A’ at the top for very-energy-efficient, down to ‘G’ for the least energy-efficient home, with the average grade being a 'D'.
  • Once we’ve carried out the survey and issued the energy performance certificate, it will be lodged in a central database along with a unique identifying number. Access to each EPC held on the database is restricted to the property owner / seller and potential buyers via this unique reference number.

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